about us

The Land Of technology MTS is a well-established Company carrying more than 20 years of experience by Professional Experts with wide and depth knowledge in different ICT technologies (security, IT, Professional Services), blended together to bring a new added value in the market in order to respond to the massive increase of the customer needs and demands. The core business of MTS is the supply of integrated high-tech solutions to both the Egyptian market and the region. MTS offers a wide range of integrated light current products and customized solutions to satisfy varying business needs and environments. MTS structured the internal company departments to be more focused on the customer centric approach, shaped their product services and portfolio in order to meet our customer demand and satisfaction by providing a value added services. MTS Empowering our customer through shaping their infrastructure process to new Digital Transformation via new modernized high tech systems, by providing the cutting edge state of the art Data Communication & Networking Solutions in the market, We are so proud of our highly professional sales, marketing, consulting, engineering, and Technical staff that serve our market with professionalism and dedication. ‚Äč

Customer List

We are honored to serve our customers in different vertical sectors that give us more responsibility to satisfy different customer with different technologies.