MTS Provide The leading single platform solution for Digital Signage, IPTV & Video Streaming

Our Technology partner provide The Next Generation AV/IT solution for IP Television (IPTV) delivery

TripleTV, our IPTV headend platform, an IP network to our Digital Signage screens, Media Video Player, Interactive IPTV Portal, Mobile Media App or as a standalone TV feed.

Designed for use on enterprise quality networks, the Tripleplay IPTV solution has unrivalled flexibility and scalability, with added security and encryption through integration into LDAP, SAML, Active Directory and by use of SecureMedia and other encryption standards.

Our headend outputs all data as multicast IPTV streams using H.264, MPEG2 and now the latest H.265 (HEVC) video codec and comes complete with its own management and monitoring software.

We have also introduced Clustering and server Fail-over for environments where TV delivery is seen as mission critical, such as large sports and entertainment venues and investment banks.


TripleSign Digital Signage CMS  Tripleplay’s TripleSign platform is a feature rich digital signage solution that has been adopted by thousands of clients across the globe within industries including banking, finance, legal, enterprise, government, maritime, sports, arena, healthcare and hospitality.

Our platform has a wide array of features including dual video/TV windows in Digital Signage layouts, event triggers, integrated Workflow Management system, native IPTV solution – TripleTV, built-in Content Management System, Interactive Touchscreen capabilities, Digital Menu Board delivery, Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) and LG webOS integration and its own content creation software

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