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A successful business starts with a successful network environment. In today’s connected world, your technology infrastructure is a key component that links your organization to the rest of the world. MTS engineering lays the foundation for the computer network day-to-day operations that you rely on. Careful design, implementation, and maintenance of your infrastructure ensure a healthy and agile network so you can stay at the head of the curve. Learn everything you need to know about network engineering in this guide. You may not think about your network infrastructure often, but day in and day out it keeps your business functioning and your team connected. Network infrastructure is a must for every organization, whether you’re using cloud or on premise IT. MTS Technical site engineers and presales specialists have a long history and accumulated experience in the field of passive information networks designing. The Network Design Department undertakes designing the IT networks that guarantee the ultimate performance of the network to meet the client’s wishes and aims of network characteristics which help to reach its objectives that serve the quality of the customer’s work and its nature. We Provide Network Passive Equipment that include network cables (copper and/or fiber), a patch panel, and a network Rack cabinets, with testing and commissioning using Test Flukes and fiber welding MTS provides technicians with the latest tools and the instruments that used in the areas of installation and maintenance, which ensures the delivery of both the effort and time at the same time. We care about the works quality of our customers and prolong the life span of the executed works.

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