The spread of video surveillance services has recently widened to comprise both remote and urban operations as well individual safety where Security and safety are directly tied to cost management.

MTS believes in the importance of deploying surveillance solutions both for operational security where monitoring remote facilities and sometimes day to day activities is crucial to the business as well as for Perimeter security which involves securing the physical ground of the premise whether it i , in order to ensure that each client gets the optimal system for present and future needs. State of the art equipment is incorporated and complemented with a portfolio of high-value services, including solution configuration, Integration and on-going management services. Our range includes integrated CCTV for all different environments. System configuration includes any required signal distribution, multiplexers and recording equipment, and integration with other existing systems.


We provide a comprehensive range of Network cameras, Video Management Software, Analytics, IP Connectivity, as well as equipment and accessories for a wide variety of uses and requirements.

We deliver Secured Solution for your Safety.

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