The better way to work is to be connected through Circuit that provides a far more efficient and effective way to collaborate than using a multitude of disparate tools.

We believe that organization culture, employee engagement, user experience and the adop tion of the right tools make the difference between success and failure in your own digital journey. Humanizing your digital workplace promises a more agile, productive and responsive organization. Our telephony systems has had the human experience in mind from day one – the new way to work is people first – and empowers you to make work-life better. At the intersection of life and work, we provides people with one seamless communication experience. It strengthens human connections across time and distance, to more effectively meet today’s accelerating business demands.

Speaking with a unified voice

as part of our Enterprise portfolio, Our Voice Solutions enables your enterprise to talk—with each other, with your customers, with all your stakeholders, with immediacy and richness.

As a stand-alone voice application or integrated with other unified communications applications, Our Voice combines carrier-grade reliability, security, massive scalability (up to 100,000 users per node) and flexible on-premise or cloud deployment with the features your enterprise needs.

We seamlessly synchronize voice with mobility, video and web conferencing, chat, messaging, presence, one-number service and more. Embed voice into your business applications. You can even unify your in-place multi-vendor voice network without ripping and replacing. All with one elegant framework. Now that’s worth talking about.

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