MTS in the last decade, with the rising tendency for merging data and communication into one entity, had initiated efforts to understand the developments in the global market and decide to to provide state-of-the-art solutions that help our customers improve their business. During the past era, our company succeeded in obtaining many major projects, we have been implementing the most modern technologies for light current and data centre solutions which were successfully implemented and with the testimony of our strategic customers. Our vision is to move at the same pace as we keeping an eye on our clients' investments, especially the systems that have been awarded to us, in order to protect their investments and help them benefit from their return on investment.

Best Regards

Mohamed Nabil

About MTS

MTS is a well-established Company carrying more than 20 years of experience by Professional Experts with wide and depth knowledge in different ICT technologies (security, IT, Professional Services), blended together to bring a new added value in the market in order to respond to the massive increase of the customer needs and demands.

The core business of MTS is the supply of integrated high-tech solutions to both the Egyptian market and the region. MTS offers a wide range of integrated light current products and customized solutions to satisfy varying business needs and environments.
MTS structured the internal company departments to be more focused on the customer centric approach, shaped their product services and portfolio in order to meet our customer demand and satisfaction by providing a value added services.

MTS Empowering our customer through shaping their
infrastructure process to new Digital Transformation via new modernized high tech systems, by providing the cutting edge state of the art Data Communication & Networking Solutions in the market, We are so proud of our highly professional sales, marketing, consulting, engineering, and Technical staff that serve our market with professionalism and dedication.